Multidisciplinary training for tomorrow's cancer research leaders.

Graduate and Post Doctoral Training

Students seeking the PhD degree in the Department of Human Oncology receive rigorous training in biochemistry, genetics, molecular and cell biology, as well as training in the clinical aspects of cancer. Our current students are investigating cellular mechanisms that cause cancer and are developing or testing new cancer therapeutics that target these mechanisms, often in combination with radiation therapy. See the list of training faculty to learn more about the types of research training available in the department.

PhD students wishing to study in the Department of Human Oncology begin by applying to one of several affiliated graduate programs to which our faculty belong. Students enter the laboratory to pursue their PhD thesis work following acceptance to the affiliated program and upon approval of the faculty member.

Students advance to candidacy for the PhD degree after completing specialized coursework in the affiliated graduate program. In addition, the faculty in the Department of Human Oncology recommend additional specialized coursework that will help prepare PhD students for a research career in Human Oncology. After advancement to candidacy for the PhD, the majority of a student’s effort is focused on intensive laboratory-based research training.